Mulches, Soil Amendments & Bulk Potting Mix

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NOTE FOR DELIVERY:  Wingard’s truck holds 12 scoops or 4 cu.yds.


  • 1 SCOOP = 4.5 BAGS
  • 1 BAG covers 24 sq.ft. with 1 in. depth

Soil Measurement / Conversion

  • 1 scoop = 9 cu.ft. = 1/3 cu.yd.
  • 3 scoops = 27 cu.ft. = 1 cu.yd.
  • 1 scoop covers 36 sq.ft. with 3 in. depth
  • 1 cu. yd. covers 108 sq.ft. with 3 in. depth
  • 1 scoop = 150 lbs.
  • 1 cu.yd. = 450 lbs.

Bagged Soils & Amendments

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Lake Murray Premium Potting Mix

Lake Murray Premium Potting Mix is a peat moss-based soil amendment designed for use with sandy soils, to help them retain water. Simply dig the hole for the plant and mix ½ Potting Mix with the soil removed from the hole.

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Soil Conditioner

Soil Conditioner is crushed pine bark, to be used with clay soils, to help the absorb the water inherit in clay, so that when you water your newly installed plant, it will not be over-watered.

  • PREMIUM POTTING MIX – 2 cu. ft. or 1 cu. ft.
    Blend of softwood bark, composted peanut hulls, Canadian Spagnum peat moss, dolomite lime, and a wetting agent.  Recommended for raised bed plantings to amend sandy soil.
  • FAFARD – 2.8 cu. ft. or 1 cu. ft.                                                                                                                                                                     Contains fertilizer, water holding crystals, dolomitic limestone, perlite, compost bark and other forest products.  Recommended for indoor and outdoor containers.
  • SOIL CONDITIONER – 2 cu. ft.
    Processed softwood bark
  • STOUT OLLIE COMPOST – 1.5 cu. ft.                                                                                                                                                        A Certified SC grown product, can be used as a soil amendment, top dressing or just like potting soil.  Contains composted cotton plant material, cow manure and fish trimmings.
    Spent mushroom compost
    Composted cow manure
  • PEAT MOSS – 3.8 cu.ft. or 1 cu.ft.
  • VERMICULITE COARSE – 4 cu. ft.
  • WORM CASTINGS – 1 cu. ft.

Bulk Soils 

  • LAKE MURRAY MIX – Includes ground pine bark, sand, land plaster (gypsum), lime, 14-7-7 fertilizer with micronutrients, fire ant killer
  • VEGETABLE GARDEN MIX (for raised beds)
    Includes ground pine bark, sand, land plaster (gypsum), lime, mushroom compost, peat moss, and organic fertilizer
  • SOIL CONDITIONER (amendment for clay soil)
    Ground pine bark (partially composted)
  • SAND