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Generally, the composts and raised bed mixes are used in vegetable gardens, the Sea and Farm Potting Soil is used in containers and the remaining products are used in the yard. View the selections below for a list of the varieties that we typically have in stock. Please note that supplies of specific items may vary. You may call ahead to check availability. Not sure how much material you will need? Use the calculator below to find out!

Soil Measurement / Conversion
9 cu.ft. = 1/3 cu.yd. = 4.5 bags (2 cu. ft.) or 6 bags (1.5 cu. ft.)
27 cu.ft. = 1 cu.yd. = 13.5 bags (2 cu. ft.) or 18 bags (1.5 cu. ft.)
1/3 cu. yd. covers 36 sq.ft. with 3 in. depth
1 cu. yd. covers 108 sq.ft. with 3 in. depth

Pete's Cow Manure

A completely odor free, organic cow manure that will not burn. It composts over 40-60 days, the interior temperatures reach up to 160 degrees, which is beneficial to eliminate weeds, seeds & pathogens.  This product is suitable for broad application in your landscape, except for use in clay soil.

SKU 692750 Lbs$6.99
Pete's Hardwood Mulch

For use in flower beds.  Enhance the look of your landscape with Daddy Pete’s Hardwood Mulch. Mulch provides a number of benefits to the landscape. From the water conservation standpoint, mulch prevents evaporative water loss from the soil. It also prevents certain soil-borne diseases by acting as a barrier between the soil and the plant. It insulates the roots of plants from extreme heat and cold, and it reduces weed competition by blocking light and by preventing some weed seeds from germinating.  Mulched barriers around trees and structures also prevent mowers and trimmers from causing mechanical damage. One bag covers approximately 6 sq. ft. when applied 4” deep.

SKU 1742 CF$5.99

Pete's Lawn and Garden Soil

Daddy Pete’s Lawn & Garden Soil is a mixture of Daddy Pete’s Composted Cow Manure, premium aged pine bark fines, sand, and gypsum, and can be used to patch or fill bare spots in your lawn or garden, or to build a good foundation for your gardening project. This organic Lawn and Garden Soil mixture is suitable for seeding new lawns, for rejuvenating established lawns, for top dressing lawns, for flower and vegetable gardens, for backfilling plant holes, and for general landscape applications.

SKU 1681.5 CF$10.99
Pete's Mushroom Compost

Daddy Pete’s Mushroom Compost is a great organic amendment for enriching the soil used to grow fruits, vegetables, and even flowers. You can use this organic mushroom compost in the garden to fortify the soil, to increase the depth of your raised beds, and to improve your soil’s texture.

SKU 692825 QT$6.99
Pete's Planting Mix

Used in sandy soils, Daddy Pete’s Planting Mix helps to enhance soils back to life. This organic mix consists of Daddy Pete’s Composted Cow Manure and aged pine bark fines. The aged pine bark fines provide air space, while the composted cow manure will help retain moisture and add natural nutrition to your soils. This organic matter will improve the humus growth of plants and trees. A properly planted tree or shrub will be more tolerant of adverse conditions and require much less management than one planted incorrectly. This blend works best when mixed with your existing sandy soil to plant shrubs and trees. Mix 50% of Daddy Pete’s Planting Mix with 50% of your existing soil to create a nutritional growing medium.

SKU 106101 CF$6.99
SKU 21682 CF$10.99

Pete's Raised Bed Mix

Daddy Pete’s Raised Bed Mix is a combination of Daddy Pete's Composted Cow Manure, premium aged pine bark fines, sand, perlite, and gypsum. This mix is excellent for vegetables, herbs, annuals, perennials, or for bulb planting. Raised beds and containers allow controlled drainage and moisture settings for all of your plants.

SKU 1661.5 CF$10.99

Pete's Sea n' Farm Potting Soil

Premium potting soil for indoor and outdoor container Plants. Contains a unique blend of composted cow manure, sphagnum eat moss, premium aged pine barke fines, perlite, sandy loam, oyster shell, oceanic fish meal, crab meal, shrimp meal, earthworm castings, fossilized bag guano and kelp meal. The micro-organisms in the mix allow nutrients to become more available for the plant and can aid in defending plants against viral, fungal, pathogenic, root vascular and foliar diseases.

SKU 17110 Qt$8.99
SKU 915038 Qt$24.99
Pete's Soil Enhancer

Use Daddy Pete’s Soil Enhancer in your clay soil preparations. Our Soil Enhancer is a great clay buster and soil-loosening agent. Using Daddy Pete’s Soil Enhancer in your soil before sowing or planting helps ensure that your plants will have the ample drainage and oxygen needed to grow healthy plants, trees, lawns, and shrubs. When used for mulching, one bag covers approximately 6 sq. ft. when applied 4” deep.

SKU 11232 CF$7.99

Stout Ollie Compost

Father and son, Ray and Les, mother and daughter-in-law, Nancy and Page, along with grand daughters, Lucy and Annie, are the Olivers behind Stout Ollie/River Run Farms. The need for an organic fertility source for their grass and fruit crops prompted us to begin making their own compost. Over the years they've perfected a formula of plant material from the cotton ginning process, fish trimmings from the Santee Cooper lakes and cow manure from their cowherd to produce a superior compost. Making more than could use be used on the farm led to the bagging and selling and the Stout Ollie brand was born.  This compost is excellent for vegetables, herbs, annuals, perennials, or for bulb planting.

SKU 53351.5 CF$14.99