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General Terms and Conditions

  • Members must be 18 or older to participate.
  • Rewards card must be presented at time of sale to receive credit.
  • Rewards Card is nontransferable and may be used only by the individual member to whom it was issued. Rewards cannot be combined with Rewards accrued by another Member.
  • Wingard’s is not responsible for lost or stolen Rewards Cards.
  • Rewards accrual will be calculated based on Member’s Qualifying Purchases, which exclude: purchase of gift certificates, garden dollars, delivery charges, landscape design, potting charges, landscape installation charges, any other labor charge, event tickets, and event/workshop registration fees.
  • Rewards accruals are calculated after discounts, rewards, coupons and sales tax.
  • Returns will be deducted from Member’s Rewards accrual.
  • Rewards certificates are redeemable for in-stock plants and merchandise, only and cannot be redeemed for cash, gift certificates, delivery or labor services.
  • Rewards Card, certificates and balances have no cash value. Unused Rewards certificates expire at end of each redemption period.
  • Rewards certificates must be presented in order to spend your reward.
  • Wingard’s Market reserves the right to modify or terminate the Rewards program without notice.
  • The Reward Member is responsible for maintaining accurate, updated personal information with Wingard’s.

Rewards Thresholds

Total Spent                         Reward
$50.00                                  $5.00
$150.00                                $10.00
$350.00                                $15.00
$500.00                                $20.00
$750.00                                $30.00  
$1000.00                              $40.00
$1500.00                              $50.00
$2000.00                              $60.00
$2500.00                              $70.00
$3000.00                              $80.00
$3500.00                              $90.00
$4000.00                              $100.00

Important Dates to Know:

  • First accumulation period of the year is January 1 – June 15.
  • Rewards certificates for the first period of the year will be mailed by June 30 and are redeemable through August 31.
  • Second accumulation period of the year is June 16 – December 31.
  • Rewards certificates for the second period of the year will be mailed by January 15 and are redeemable through March 1.

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