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Purple Martin Tours Have Resumed!

July 5 through August 27

Join Wingard’s Naturalist and USCG Captain Zach for a pontoon tour of the largest purple martin roost in North America… right here on Lake Murray. Zach has been all over the United States, and even to Brazil, studying this migratory songbird. You’re sure to enjoy this sunset cruise to Bomb Island, with Captain Zach, who is undeniably the most knowledgeable tour guide on the lake. Evening tours showcasing the daily return of the martins to Bomb Island at sunset will be available Monday through Friday July 5 – August 27. The martins leave the island at dawn each morning for their day of insect hunting and training their newborns for the long flight to Brazil in the Fall. We have also scheduled four early Saturday morning tours to watch the martins take off from the island at sunrise.

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