Wild Bird Houses

Welcome to Wingard’s Wild Bird Birdhouses

Our Wings & Things Department offers everything you need to enjoy the birds and wildlife in your yard. From our high quality Cole’s Birdseed, to a variety of bird feeders and bird houses, we have it all. Stop in and say hello to our Naturalist, Zach Steinhauser.

Bat House

Town and country Bat Abode. Long lasting, rough Red Cedar. Holds approximately 75 adult bats. Mesh interior for bats to grip.

SKU 834676 Oz4” Length12” Width23.5” Height$39.99
Bluebird House
SKU 953041 Oz10” Length5.75” Width13.5” Height$29.99
Cedar Wren House

Long lasting rough red cedar. Side access for easy nest cleanout.

SKU 335411.5 Oz4.5” Length4” Width7.5” Height$14.99
Economy Bluebird House
SKU 333522 Oz5” Length6.5” Width12” Height$16.99
Flying Squirrel Nest Box
SKU 8717$69.99
Mini Bat Tower

Town and Country Mini Bat Tower. Long lasting rough Red Cedar. Nylon interior mesh for bats to hold on to. Non vented to build heat inside upper area. Holds approximately 60 adult brown bats.

SKU 834525.5 Oz5.25” Length5.75” Width18” Height$34.99
Slant Roof Butterfly House
SKU 150913.5 Oz3.5” Length6” Width11” Height$14.99
Toughie Tube for Frogs

Just as a birdhouse creates habitat for your birds, the Toughie Tube creates a unique habitat for the Tree Frogs that live in your backyard! Treefrogs like moist, weedy areas near bodies of water.

SKU 861811 Oz1.75” Length1.75“ Width34” Height$14.99
Welliver Bird House
SKU 807042.5 Oz6” Length6.5” Width12” Height$39.99
Wood Duck Box
SKU 3515220 Oz10.5” Length15” Width24.5” Height$99.99