Edibles - Citrus, Fruits & Vegetables

There’s always something blooming at Wingard’s!

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Edibles – Citrus & Fruits that are generally kept in stock.

Apple, Fuji
Apple, Gala
Apple, Golden Delicious
Apple, Granny Smith
Apple, Red Delicious
Banana, Fruiting
Blackberry, Apache
Blackberry, Arapaho
Blackberry, Black Satin
Blueberry, Climax
Blueberry, Premiere
Blueberry, Tiff Blue
Fig, Brown Turkey
Fig, Celeste
Grape, Concord

Grape, Muscadine Varieties
Kiwi, Male & Female
Peach, Belle of Georgia
Peach, Elberta
Peach, Red Haven
Pear, Asian
Pear, Bartlett
Pear, Keiffer
Pecan, Mahan
Pecan, Schley
Pecan, Stuart Papershell
Persimmon Eureka
Persimmon, Fuyu
Plum, Blue Damson

Plum, Burbank
Plum, Methely
Pomegranite, Wonderful
Raspberry, Dorman
Raspberry, Heritage
Raspberry, Latham Red
Lemon, Meyer
Lime, Persian